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2012 International Medical Leaders Forum & Annual Meeting

The 2012 WFMM International Medical Leaders Forum and Annual Meeting was held on the 26th of  April 2012 at The Westin, St Francis in San Francisco, California, USA. This was immediately followed by the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) Annual Meeting and Spring Institute (27 April – 1 May 2012). Registration was open to members of WFMM organisations and others.

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Attendees included representatives from Australia and New Zealand (RACMA), Canada (CSPE and Royal Roads University), Hong Kong (HKCCM), Israel (ISMM), Sri Lanka (CMASL) and the USA (ACPE).

Dr Boyd opened the meeting by welcoming the members to the meeting, particularly newcomers The College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka represented by their President, Dr Sarath Samarage. On behalf of the WFMM, Dr Boyd thanked Dr Peter Angood, CEO ACPE and the ACPE Board for hosting the 2012 annual meeting. He remarked that the support and enthusiasm conveyed was significant in making the meeting a memorable one. Dr Boyd presented Dr Angood with a plaque to commemorate the occasion.

All in attendance then conducted an 'official' group signing of the WFMM Memorandum of Understanding. This reaffirmed the direction for the WFMM group for the next three years.

The scientific program included:
  • Medical leadership in health system reform: Perspectives from Dr W Martin, (USA) , Dr G Tardif (Canada), Dr R Boyd (Australia), Dr FUNG Hong (Hong Kong), Dr S Samarage (Sri Lanka)
  • Reforming health systems: Developing equity in health services, Dr Zeev Aharonson (Israel)
  • Emerging technologies: implications for medical leaders, Prof. Brendon Kearney (Aust)
  • Reform in Progress: A Case Study: Australia’s nationwide reform to improve access to life-saving and life-transforming transplants for all Australians, Dr Sally Tideman (Aust)
  • Developing health system leadership competency: Perspectives from Hong Kong and WFMM members, Dr Fung Hong (Hong Kong)
  • Integrating leadership strategies in organisations, Dr William Martin (USA)
  • Assessment of competency, Prof. Graham Dickson (Canada)
A number of collaborative projects were proposed for the group to develop over the ensuing twelve months. These include:
  • A comparative analysis of clinical/medical leadership competency frameworks used in WFMM membership training programs. The study will include comparison of the requirements for entry (leading to WFMM endorsement of an international standard for quality training of doctors in management).
  • A comparative analysis of entry requirements to the training programs offered by each of the organisations e.g. level of prior clinical experience, academic post graduate management training.
Professor Dickson and Dr Owen will co-ordinate preparation of these reports which will be presented to the meeting in 2013.

Other matters which were generated through discussion at the WFMM Medical Leaders Forum included:
  • Are we building a "better dinosaur"? Is traditional medical leadership / management innovative enough and will it resonate with the younger generations? (CSPE)
  • Training in the context of succession – does the new generation of doctors learn differently? What does current medical educational theory indicate and how should we be preparing future medical leaders? (ACPE)
  • A comparative analysis of non-drug technologies cost effectiveness assessment systems. (Australasia)
  • Ethical issues in decision making about health technologies. (Australasia, Israel)
  • What do medical leaders actually do? An exploration of responsibilities, accountabilities and achievements. (Australia)



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